Venomous by Christopher Krovatin

Locke Vinetti is a high school junior, disenchanted and more than a little hostile. In fact, for years he's had a lousy social life because of a problem he has with his anger--a force he calls "the venom." Ever since he was eight years old and bit off a piece of a classmate's nose, he's been something of a loner. But all that is about to change when he goes out with his one friend, Randall, to meet some of Randall's crew hanging out at Riverside Park. Because in addition to meeting his kindred spirit, Casey--who has his own problems with his own kind of venom--Locke meets the spikey blue fairy-haircut Goth girl of his dreams. And if their relationship is going to work, he knows he has to rid himself of the venom once and for all.

Wow, this book has blown me away. I admit, I did get sidetracked from it for a while, but everytime I started reading the story again I just got sucked right back in. And when I wasn't reading it, the story haunted my dreams, filling my head with visions of Locke trying to fight off The Venom and others where he was taken over by it. The drawings and the second story where Locke was the hero within the story set this book apart from any I had ever read before. At first I didn't completely understand why they were in there, the story and drawings, but after a few reads I understood and now see that it was a necessity in order for you to understand where Locke was coming from and how it kept the story going. I really felt like I was Locke through most of the book, the rest of the time I could see myself as one of his friends. I could understand where he was coming from with The Venom to an extent, after all I am a teenager. But The Venom was so much more than mere tantrums. Christopher made this black thing that ran through Locke's veins a whole new being and made it have it's own character through most of the book. Out of the entire story I saw one very miniscule grammar issue where he accidentally wrote "Locke" instead of "Lon" but other than that it was grammar-issue-free. This book has sky-rocketed from just a random pick at my local Books-A-Million to one of the books I'll most likely cherish for a long time, if not, my whole life. I give "Venomous" by Chris Krovatin a 5/5 points review.



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