Breaking Dawn(what we've ALL been waiting for.)

"Don't be afraid," I murmured. "We belong together."

I was abruptly overwhelmed by the truth of my own words.

This moment was so perfect, so right, there was no way to doubt it.

His arms wrapped around me holding me against him.... It felt like every nerve ending in my body was a live wire.

"Forever," he agreed.

Hehe, I'm so very happy, yet sad at the same time, that I've finally finished this. This book, this final installation of the Twilight Saga, has floored me so many different times while I was reading it, that I should be burned by the heat of the Earth's core by now. It seemed to last forever, which I'm happy it did. It was funny how I truly felt like I was two different vampires from this story, both seperately and together at the same moments. I felt like Jasper Hale, in the sense that I could feel everything Stephenie was sending my way through written words. I felt like Edward Cullen in the sense that it was as if my mind had taken such a serious direction, that certain large words didn't bother me(hehe) and that despite everything, there was still something worth living for, or in my case, something worth reading for, to want to know the ending no matter how much the pessimism in some parts of the book was getting to me. That's when I felt like both of them at the same time.

And even then, I felt envious of them. I wanted so badly to have vampire-like powers so I could easily speed through the book and know the outcome so I could put the aching in my stomach to rest.

I'm going to share a story, though it might not seem that important, it proves my point. So, today is Monday. I hadn't eaten since Thursday night, due to excitement of the Release Party, and the sickness I felt on Saturday. But on Sunday, when I felt relatively normal, I had to rip myself from the book, figuring I should start thinking smarter and actually try to eat some type of breakfast. But as I approached the kitchen, I realized something. Absolutely nothing seemed more appetizing to me than sticking my nose back in that book. So, I kept myself locked in my room and read, and read, and read, until I finished. Also, so many of the things that struck me, just shocked me so much I thought I was going to literally fall off of the couch, seemed to open different doors for me. My once solid thoughts of everything going on in this story, soon changed into indescribable pieces that I couldn't put together up until the very end. I. Loved. It.

Now, about the split views in the book; I know some don't like it. At first I wasn't very happy with the idea either, but after getting used to it, I was able to realize why it needed to be in there. Think about it, if none of that had been in Jake's point of view, most of the things we officially know now, would have been way more confusing if it had only been in Bella's POV.

I also know there are plenty of people that now bring up that Stephenie "had to be in it for the money." Are you really serious? I might not know her personally, but really? Think for a moment, how could you be in it for the money if you had a dream about it and only meant to write the scene? Then, when your own curiosity started conjuring up different scenes that were connected to your dream, how could you resist writing those down, too? Also, once said scenes were piled together in a story, how could you be in it for the money when your own loved ones gave you enough confidence to say "Hey, I have a story, I have my truths, I want them out there!" You wouldn't pass it up. You couldn't pass it up to share your thoughts, your opinions, your truths with the world when you knew you could. Tell me, how is any of that in it for the money? That's all writing should be about; sharing your knowledge, your imagination, your talent, pretty much your everything, with the world so they can get even a small view of it with their curiosity burning in their minds.

Ahem, now that that has been said, I'd like to make another point with a less hostile tone. A side note I guess. It seems that, through reading this series, I've come to feel that I personally know and care for these characters as if they were true people I had known since forever ago. No pun intended. As if they were apart of me, despite pages and space. I was brought into their world, thanks to Stephenie. I thank her so much for sharing her truths with the world, and making me rethink so many things that, I'm very sure I wouldn't have been able to figure out alone without her or these books.

I know this is a very long review, but it's everything I wanted and needed to get out there, to show you exactly what I thought. That's the purpose of a review, right?

Thanks again, Stephenie Meyer. For creating the best books I have/will ever have read.

-EmiLIE 5/5 stars


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